Greenhouse Ministries Responds
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Greenhouse Ministries Responds

Greenhouse Ministries is prepared to help in the midst of the storm and through the rebuilding of our economic situation.

During the COVID-19 crisis we took appropriate precautions to protect our staff, volunteers, clients, and customers. We implemented the protocols recommended by the CDC. Additionally, we temporarily shut down the donation center to avoid cross contamination issues. We remained open for emergency food bags that were pre-packaged daily to help the most vulnerable. Our generous community has been asking to volunteer and assist. We decided to wait until the April 6 date established by the mayor of Murfreesboro’s state of emergency announcement and honor our Governors request to limit contact.


During that time, we have developed a five-prong approach to respond:

  1. We have prepackaged 100 reusable shopping bags with food. We are combing through our files identifying the most vulnerable.
  2. We are stocking up on the most used items ranging from food, toiletries, hygiene products, and baby diapers/food.
  3. We are developing on-line classes utilizing zoom to assist our clients with critical questions.
  4. We are preparing for the anticipated delayed demand for donations. Laying out the process to expedite the sorting, sizing, stocking, and distribution.
  5. We are working collaboratively with the other agencies in town and the county to provide the most recent information regarding services and new methods. We are committed to helping our clients and those hit by the recent crisis and aftermath with practical services, while adjusting our delivery systems to help people with new methods.


How can you assist?

  1. We are in need of baby diapers particularly sizes 3-5. We need small toiletry items including toothpaste and brushes, deodorant, shampoo, and bars of soap.
  2. We are in need of cans of fruit, meat, and vegetables. Breakfast foods including pancake mix with syrup, oatmeal, and cereal. Other food items including soups, tomato sauce, and pasta.
  3. We are in need of household goods including toilet paper, paper towels, and liquid soap.
  4. Donate spring and summer clothes. Donate shoes, flip flops, and socks.
  5. Financial donations allow us to fill in the gap of missing items.
  6. Volunteer individually or with a group. We are planning outreach days to deliver into the neighborhoods and people are needed to help prepare the packages to be delivered.
  7. We are in need of administrative assistance to continue to process our client files.
  8. Assist us in setting up 10-minute zoom classes with critical life skills, with both teaching and development of the materials.
  9. Join us in processing donations.
  10. We are posting the on-going needs on our website under the Greenhouse Response page.


We appreciate our volunteers and our community during this time. We ask for your continued support as we do our best to meet the needs of our city’s most vulnerable.