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The Pathways for Career Success (PCS) utilizes a wrap-around service model to address and overcome the many barriers to success that Greenhouse clients experience in their journey to achieve employment, housing and financial stability. By using this holistic approach we are able to serve the whole person as opposed to focusing on one barrier without recognizing the systemic impact it has on their well-being and overall success.


The PCS program requires a detailed intake and assessment of interested clients into the program. After intake the individual or family is placed into case management with an Occupational Therapist who is able to provide a more thorough assessment to determine the specific barriers to economic success. Then one-by-one, we tackle these barriers.


Case management is continued as we work to stabilize the individual or family utilizing required services. A budgeting class, one hour of credit counseling, educational assessment, life skills assessment, health assessment and workforce assessments are all required components for participation in the program. Through these required assessments, additional services may be offered if indicated by the outcomes.


Additional services such as adult education classes, legal advice, food assistance, nurse clinic access and clothing assistance are all available to PCS participants. Through our partnership with community agencies, we will be able to refer clients for further services.


If you are interested in the PCS program, or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer mentor, please contact Cindy Williams at